• Mon. Mar 4th, 2024


S.No Equipments, Instruments, Furniture
1 Aural Syringe Available
2 Jobson’s Aural Probe Available
3 Eustachian Catheter Available
4 Mastoid Retractor Available
5 Mastoid Gouge Available
6 Mallet Available
7 Nasal Foreign Body hook Available
8 Nasal packing forceps Available
9 Nasal Snare Available
10 Bayonet Shaped gouge Available
11 Walshman’s forceps Available
12 Laryngeal forceps Available
13 Tongue plate with throat suction Available
14 Tonsil holding forceps Available
15 Tonsillar suction Available
16 Adenoid curette with cage Available
17 Peritonsillarabcess draining forceps Available
18 Fuller’s Tracheostomy Tube Available
19 Cheatel’s Forceps Available
20 Other consumable articles like gloves, syringes, bandages, sutras, etc. Available

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