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S.No Equipments, Instruments, Furniture
1 Ophthalmic Operation table with Head rest 1
2 Sterilizing box/case with matts Available
3 Lens insertion Forceps Available
4 Keratome Available
5 Desmarres lid retractors Available
6 Cat-paw lacrimal retractor Available
7 Mueller lacrimal sac retractor Available
8 Dastoor iris retractor Available
9 MeyrhoeferChalazioncurrete Available
10 Sinsky lens manipulating hook Available
11 IOL Manipulator Available
12 Foreign body spud Available
13 Lewis lens loop (vectis) Available
14 Cystotome and spoon Available
15 Mule Evisceration spoon Available
16 Iris repository (double-ended) Available
17 Jameson muscle hook Available
18 Wills cautery with copper ball-point Available
19 Langs lacrimal sac dissector Available
20 Kelly Glaucoma punch Available
21 Elevator (double ended) Available
22 Nasal speculum adult/child Available
23 Wilder punctum Dilator Available
24 Bowman lacrimal probes Available
25 Hartman mosquito forceps Available
26 Colibri forceps 1*2 teech Available
27 Mc. person corneal forceps with tying platform Available
28 Dressing forceps, serrated Available
29 Moorfieldconjuctival forceps Available
30 Fixation forceps Available
31 Beer cilea (epilation) forceps Available
32 Arruga capsular forceps Available
33 SnellenEntropion clamp Available
34 Chalazion clamps Available
35 Vannas straight scissors Available
36 Barraquer needle holder Available
37 Air injection cannula Available
38 Healon aspirating cannula Available
39 AC was cannula Available
40 Lacrimal cannula Available
41 Hydrodialysis cannula Available
42 J-loop cannula (Right/Left With silicon tubing) Available
43 Simcok direct I/A cannula with silicon tubing Available
44 Irrigating aspirating handle Available
45 Lens dialer Available
46 Superior Rectus forceps Available
47 Eye wash glasses (for Tarpana Karma) Available
48 Swimming Goggles (for Tarpana Karma) Available

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